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The child is a common gift for every man. it is a global truth. Our aim is to keep the child in a proper way. During the last four decades, many thousands of parent followed steps what we have introduced to society, They are children has become very good citizen of our society.

CCBS talks to the mind of children. it is very easy to keep every style in this way. within a short time, you can see a successful different of your child behavior.

children follow this educational way with happiness and joy. join with us introduce to your child this educational way a to make a perfect man through your child

After the establishment of the Colombo Children’s Book Association in 1979
The unique mission done by it to the people of Sri Lanka.
After Sri Lanka’s literacy rate, which was second only to Japan in 1960, dropped to ninth place by 1980, to bring it back to its first level by 1990, fulfilling a unique social mission.
Between 1900-1980, the number of children’s books published in Sri Lanka was less than four hundred. But after the establishment of the Children’s Book Association, the number of children’s books published during 1980-1990 was about two thousand.
2008 Representing the world science conference held at jOENZUU University, Finland, introducing the concept of “one plant for every child” to the world community.
Accordingly, with the cooperation of the Police Department of Sri Lanka, establishing environmental units in all police stations and giving instructions to the necessary authorities to introduce an OVER COAT with an environment clause for the police officers in the field.
Establishment of over 800 UNESCO Children’s Libraries and Reading Clubs across Sri Lanka, which have been instrumental in promoting literacy development and enhancing children’s skills.
Proposing and implementing the need for children’s participation in the State Literary Festival

Implementation of giving gifts and certificates to children writers for state literary festivals
Approving the proposal to include a children’s book in the book bag of new children entering schools
Introducing Sri Lanka’s largest number of UNESCO award winning children’s writers (815)
More than eight hundred talented children and teachers from Sri Lanka participated in the largest number of international children’s literature workshops, conferences and various programs held in 21 countries around the world.
Running the children’s newspaper dedicated to children “Nawa Udawa” for more than ten years and having to stop it because of lack of money. At one time the sales of this newspaper were more than the children’s newspaper of the main media company in Sri Lanka.
Social contributions of the founding president of the Children’s Book Association;
In 1972, he won the state award as the best science writer in Sri Lanka
He wrote “Simple Mathematics” for General Certificate of Education (GCE level) students.
Obtaining the state certificate as the first mathematics book written for O/L students, according to the new recommendation of the Ministry of Education.
Introducing for the first time in the banking industry in Sri Lanka, he proved that every deposits of child under the age of 18, is equal to the every fixed deposit of the adult.
Accordingly, the special children’s bank account named “Sisu Udana” which he introduced to the People’s Bank became the most popular children’s bank account in Sri Lanka. After that, all other banks also started special children’s accounts for children.
Under the approval of the President of Sri Lanka, he was appointed as the Children’s Bank Account Promotion Officer of the Ministry of Education and then conducted special lectures, workshops and seminars in schools across the country. Then the deposit increased upto forty crore rupees through the ‘Sisu Udana’ children’s account.
During that time, he had been given vehicle facilities with the help of two drivers. Because his day and night trips to schools across the country were too extensive for a single driver to accomplish alone.
Initiation of establishment of ‘school banking units’ under this programme.
Based on the experience he has seen in Finland, to provide short-term training in People’s bank, under a special allowance to those students until they pass their high school and go to university.
Introduction of the ‘Quality Input Account’ to the People’s Bank, which is the account of government aid to schools in Sri Lanka
Introducing the most popular ‘hand-to-hand loan’ scheme in Sri Lankan society.
Introduction of ‘Special Loan Scheme for Small Traders’ to People’s Bank under an instruction from the President of Sri Lanka.
Until 1980, Sri Lankan booksellers, who dominated the Sri Lankan children’s literature, sold children’s books at 40 rupees, and faced strong protest from those sellers due to the introduction of new children’s books at 10 rupees according to the advice of UNESCO experts.
Although all the activities of the Children’s Book Association were disrupted due to the breaking of this monopoly, it was possible to continue the children’s services of the association due to the support of the intelligent people of this country, children and their parents.
Even the $2,500 received from France for the UNESCO victory had to be sent back to France by the invisible forces of the merchants and then brought back.
The private trade authority took all measures to stop the various international gift awards accolades won by the association and even stopped the sale of all the books published by the association in the local market.
This trade monopoly was arranged to prevent any news of the Children’s Book Association from being published in any newspaper. But once which was even praised by a editorial in ‘Dinamina’ the national newspaper of Sri Lanka.
After winning the World UNESCO Award, he also produced the popular program “UNESCO Half Hour” on the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, under the instructions of the Ministry of Education, then(1990) television programs were not started in Sri Lanka.
In 1985, Her Majesty Queen Margerett of Denmark appreciated and donated 60,000 Krone for introducing World Children’s Book Day (Hans Christian Day) to Sri Lanka.
1998 Selected as the Sri Lanka representative of the International Children’s Art Foundation in Washington. (ICAF.org)

In 2008, he was selected as the representative of the International Environmental Institute (eno) in Finland in Sri Lanka.
Becoming the first Sri Lankan to see the humanitarian Nelson Mandela (while attending the World Conference on Human Rights held in Zimbabwe in 1995 by Commonwealth)
Meeting with President Bill Clinton in 1999 at the White House and even having dinner with him.
1987 Pioneering the establishment of the South Asian Forum on Rights of Child, which was started in Kathmandu, Nepal under the chairmanship of SAARC Secretary General
At that time, opportunities to meet South Asian leaders such as Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Nepal’s King Birendra, Prime Minister Koirala , Bangladesh President Erzaad,etc.
In the year 2004, taking initiative to get support from ICAF in Washington for the children affected by the Tsunami.
1979 Conducting Sri Lanka’s first tree planting program in Colombo, with the support of the Police Department of Sri Lanka.
So far, to plant more than ten lakh saplings all over Sri Lanka.
Active participation in special planting programs in India, Nepal, Malaysia and Finland with President of Finland.
Winning gold medal from Finland’s ENO institute as the world’s best environmentalist in 2020.

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