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Make a perfect person through your child.

Children follow this educational way with happiness and joy. Join with us introduce to your child this educational way to make a perfect man through your child.


Happy Children’s Day


නෙල්සන් මැන්ඩෙලා සමරු රචනා තරගය- 2021

කුසට අහර මෙන් මොළයට පොත් පත් ය නෙල්සන් මැන්ඩෙලා සමරු රචනා තරගය- 2021 දකුණු අප්‍රිකාවේ හිටපු ජනාධිපතිවරයෙකු මෙන්ම මානව සමාජයේ …


Ksithij International Art Competition 2020

සිතිජය අන්තර්ජාතික චිත්‍ර තරගාවලිය 2020 කොළඹ ළමා පොත් සංගමය මගින් වාර්ෂිකව මංපෙත් විවර කරන ජාත්‍යන්තර චිත්‍ර තරගාවලින්ගෙන් නවතම තරග ප්‍රතිපලයි …


සිසු උදානේ සත්‍ය කතාව


Tree Planting Day- ENO Sri Lanka 2021


මව්පිය වන්දනාව – ජනවාරි පහන (January 2021)

Mawpiya Wandana- January Pahana (Muhudu Maha Viharaya)


Improving literacy for better future...

The child is a common property for every man. it is a global truth. Our aim is to keep the child in a proper way. During the last four decades, many thousands of parent followed steps what we have introduced to society, They are children has become very good citizen of our society.

Tell us our story, Grandma.

This book tells the story about the many Africans taken by force from their homes by slave traders
across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to live and work in Sri Lanka.


Intervention:At this “Olympics” of children’s imagination held every four years, the Arts Olympiad winners enhance interpersonal skills and receive leadership training before they collaboratively produce the Children’s Earth Flag℠ for the first human mission to Mars.

Note: The exact dates and venue on The National Mall for the world festival will be announced in late 2019 by the National Park Service

To create a perfect setting of global community for the development of mutual empathy and global leadership training.

Children have the power to bring the human race together in a celebration of creativity, diversity, and unity.

A transformative experience that inspires children to initiate positive social change in their communities and the world at large.


2020 New York Art Competition- Basic Results

Uvindya Aththanayaka (16 years) Children’s Art Circle- Sri Lanka

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KSITHIJ Winners 2019

Colombo Children’s Art Circle (Sri Lanka) Project Co-ordinator : Dr. D. Amblalampitiya Sr. No. Participant Name Award/ Prize Group Painting 113. P.P. Sethindu Kemsara Gold …

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Literacy Day Winners 2018-September

Literacy day 2018 Primary Section Sinhala Hand Writing 1st place – N. Kaweesha Hansani – Po/ Viharagama Primaruy College 2nd Place -L.A. Kasuni Sugandika – …

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CC Winners 2018

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CC Winners 2017

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CC Winners 2016

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What they have to say...

I joined the Colombo Children's Book Society in 2011, which was indeed a turning point where I received a massive opportunity to develop my talents further.
Dulyana Galappaththi
I got many experiences through CCBS. I could identify many friends all over the country. I learnt leadership through these programmes. CCBS doing a good job for the society.
Dilrangi Amarasooriya
Former Member
Turning point of my life. Because I improve the most of my hidden skills. CCBS is the The giant strength behind success of my life. CCBS teach me to more knowledge.
Sahan Gunawardhana
Former Member

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