KSITHIJ Winners 2010

469.A.R.M.N.A. WattetennaGold Medal*
470.R.M.S. SachinthakaGold Medal*
471.Thusitha Dulmini NawagamuwaGold Medal*
472.Ashintha Arunalu PereraCertificate of Merit*
473.D. Induwara NagahawattaCertificate of Merit*
474.K.A. Buddhini SaubhagyaCertificate of Merit*
475.K.A. Erandini SaubhagyaCertificate of Merit*
476.Nipun Uwanpriya WeerasekeraCertificate of Merit*
477.R.A. Kavishka Dilki RananeeraCertificate of Merit*
478.R.A. Telani Piyanga RanaweeraCertificate of Merit*
479.R.M.N.S. Anandi RathnayakeCertificate of Merit*
480.R.M.S. Sachinthaka Bandara RathnayakeCertificate of Merit*
481.Saradha Devapriya WeerasekeraCertificate of Merit*
482.Supuni Hansika PereraCertificate of Merit*
483.D. Induwara NagahawattaCertificate of Merit*
484.Nipun Uwanpriya WeerasekeraCertificate of Merit*
485.R.M.N.S. Anandi RathnayakeCertificate of Merit*
486.R.M.S. Sachinthaka Bandara RathnayakeCertificate of Merit*
487.Saradha Devapriya WeerasekeraCertificate of Merit*
Essay/ Story
488.Nipun Uwanpriya WeerasekeraCertificate of Merit*
489.P. Vidyamali SandagomikaCertificate of Merit*
490.R.M.N.S. Anandi RathnayakeCertificate of Merit*
491.R.M.S. Sachinthaka Bandara RathnayakeCertificate of Merit*
492.Saradha Devapriya WeerasekeraCertificate of Merit*

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